13 Rennes cathedral

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Great marble pillars! You can also see a recently restored Flemish altarpiece in intricately carved wood. I was particularly interested to see that the altar piece showed both the Dormition of the Virgin Mary and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Now, I was brought up as a Catholic in England and I don't remember anyone telling us about dormition, it was all Assumption. I came across dormition in Orthodox churches later, and I always assumed that it was a doctrinal difference with the Orthodox bunch. But, although other churches put a lot more emphasis on dormition than Catholics do, it is not actually a doctrinal difference at all, as the man from the site https://decoder-eglises-chateaux.fr/ kindly explained  to me. Dormition - the lady died; assumption: her body was taken up into heaven, rather than left to the destiny of other mortal coils. Apparently it is not rare to see a dormition and an assumption in the same piccy.